The freshest and the tastiest, delivered straight to your doorstep

Delivering your daily needs – Fresh and Daily

Anyone who needs dailyneeds from Milk, Bread Eggs to Fruit Juices on a daily basis

We are intending to make Daily needs shopping simpler as many of us stand in Long walmart lines and shop for dailyneed once a week and stock those things up in refrigerators which are not fresh.

We are ensuring that the freshness and quality is maintained. We are also enduring that everyday delivery is done without fail from milk and eggs to … Pooja Needs Fresh and the tastiest, delivered straight to your doorstep

Dailykaart – Explanation





  • Milk & Eggs
  • Bread & Breakfast
  • Fruit Juices
  • Meat & Non Veg
  • Water Can
  • Hygiene Needs
  • Snacks

DailyKaart Customer App – Demo

No commitments; adjust, skip or cancel anytime.

You just have to select the product and dates on the calendar and leave the rest to us.

No Minimum Order
You can orders as low as you can there is no restriction on the Minimum Order amount

Bring me More
Need Something very urgent like a Fruit or Soap in the Morning. Let us know it will at your door in the morning

Morning or Evening Delivery
Choose your delivery slot we are delivering both in the morning and evenings so that we dont miss serving you.

Schedule Delivery – Auto pilot
You need not do your daily needs shopping everyweek. Set things on auto pilot mode the products will be on your door step.

Fresh Daily needs Delivery
We are ensuring that the freshness and quality is maintained, delivering Fresh daily needs

Are you eating Fresh ?

Today the customers are visiting supermarkets to get their Daily needs and stock them up for a week. Every week shopping may result in a lot of waste of time. Why Stock things in your fridge and eat rotten things ?


Never the late